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I am a local qualified Auto Mechanic with experience totalling more than 40 years in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.
Parallel to my main job,  I also studied and took a practical part in the production of the plastics,  had direct access to the manufacturing process of POLYCARBONATE LENSES in the car industry,  and repairing them.  Knowing some practical tips to restore and renew HEADLIGHTS LENSES I have the opportunity to offer my assistance to all who have issues with headlights that lost their sparkle and transparency. 
I guarantee you will receive professional qualified service and piece of mind.

OUR SERVICES START FROM $60 per headlight

We guarantee professional, efficient and perfect LONG-LASTING 3 YEAR result by using the best modern techniques and processes.
WE ONLY USE THE HIGHEST QUALITY CHEMICALS! We offer to restore your Headlights (Polycarbonate Lenses) and make it SAFER for you on the roads.
Degraded headlights lenses not only give your car a bad look but what is more important is they reduce visibility by 65% - 85% on the road at night which can be extremely dangerous for anyone in the vehicle.  There are also government fines and demerit points for driving a non-complaint vehicle. Don’t risk driving an un-safe and unworthy vehicle it is very easy to fix it!
After processing and cleaning the outer surface of the Headlamp LENS we use a SPECIAL COAT which is specifically DESIGNED for POLYCARBONATE LENSES that increase impact resistance and optical coefficient(this one is very important for night driving). It also has a high resistance to abrasion and UV protection. This coat maintains clarity even after prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation.


All Headlamps (Polycarbonate Lenses - NOT PLASTIC!) - without exception are made of a durable and High Resistant Polymer Material, which is much lighter than glass. However due to prolonged UV light and other environmental and mechanical damage like sand, rain, car wash, chemicals etc, the factory applied protective layer deteriorates over time (see picture below) this process called oxidation.
You can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace your headlights but I can restore your headlights to their original LIKE NEW LOOK only for a fraction of cost STARTING from $60 per headlight
(Including FREE Special offer below)

The faster your headlights are treated the better off you will be. Gradually the polycarbonate becomes less transparent and if left unchecked microscopic cracks develop, greatly reducing visibility at night. At this stage it becomes a lot more difficult to restore them, sometimes even impossible.


Some other car specialists just polish headlight lenses leaving them without any extra protective cover,  or use an incorrect DIY kits.
There are a variety of different DIY kits are available on the market today, some of them contain wrong chemical components which can be dangerous for the restoration of the Polycarbonate Lenses.
If a protective layer is not applied the Polycarbonate remains bare and will become discoloured and foggy very soon, which will cause even further extensive damage to the headlight lenses .
Therefore we suggest to involve a specialist as it is impossible to get the same result compared to a professional restoration job.
We don’t use off-the-shelf products , instead we only use HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS that have proven themselves in practice over long period of time.

Give us a try and you will not regret it!

(Important information for understanding 'what is what')
Acrylic is a Plastic and has a transmitting ability of 98%.
(See photo above)

Acrylic is very brittle material and therefore it is installed in the REAR of the car.
When exposed to direct sunlight, acrylic does not go yellow and retain transparency because the composition of the acrylic already has internal protection from UV radiation. 
The light through acrylic is sharper and brighter.
(See photo above)

Polycarbonate transmits only 80% of light and has an outer UV coat forprotection.
Compare to Acrylic Polycarbonate is stronger and therefore it is installed on the FRONT of the vehicles. 
If the surfaces of the lenses become damaged, for example, on the photo above, polycarbonate lenses become yellow very quickly and as a result the light transparency is lost.


While restoring your headlights and while the headlights are drying out, I can check the electrolyte level in the Battery with HYDROMETERand, if necessary, top up with 100% Distilled Water FREE OF CHARGE!
I only use the Distilled Water (as usual oxidised water from the tap is not the right way to go.  Tap water can damage the Battery and reduce Battery life.
Distilled water will prolong your Battery life and this additional service is absolutely FREE for you!

Distilled Water for Your Battery


Why Condensate is happening?
These are the most common reasons:
  • Cover is not hermetically closed when  changing bulbs
  • Cracked headlights after accident of front of car
  • The biggest reason is a violation of the ventilation of air inside the lights through a special valve filters which provide correct  air circulation, and at the same time protect the internal space inside the headlamp from moisture and fogging

All headlights on cars, without exception, new or old start to sweat - inside lights appear drops of water, it is condensate. What is the danger of condensation inside the headlights?   Practice has shown that the moist environment inside the lights causes that light bulbs burn out more often.   Ensure the inside is dry if youwant to avoid unnecessary costs of too frequent replacement of lamps.
We can REMOVE condensate from your headlights FROM $120 per headlight
Many professionals use Hairdryer to remove condensation (they open the back cover and blow out hot air, after 30-40 minutes the condensate evaporates and headlights clean again). BUT that is a very short-term solution.
To remove the condensation for a longer period additional service is required: to clean the -  Special Filters-Valves!  I offer a solution to your problem I WILL REMOVE THE CONDENSATION from headlights, will check all the filters, I clean them and if required to replace the filter. I will do everything to the spotlight and your headlights will feel good to breathe and have a good shine :)


Give us a try and you will be pleasantly surprised with the result!

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